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Presedintele Traian Basescu l-a intrebat pe senatorul american Richard Lugar, intr-o intalnire avuta in august , in contextul razboiului dintre Rusia si Georgia, daca NATO si UE ar sustine Romania in cazul unei provocari rusesti in Transnistria, potrivit unei telegrame Wikileaks prezentate initial de blogul cablegatesearch.

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Cum rezuma americanii intalnirea dintre Basescu si Lugar:. End Summary.

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C Russia will continue systematically to exploit such situations in order to re-exert its influence over former Soviet states and even Eastern Europe, Basescu said, unless NATO and the EU, along with the rest of the international community, mount a vigorous and coordinated response. This must include restoring UNSC legitimacy, creating a single framework under UNSC auspices to deal with all frozen conflicts, and insisting that Security Council decisions be respected.

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Senator Lugar agreed that a renewed push in the Security Council to resolve frozen conflicts was the appropriate mechanism and said he would encourage the U. Administration to follow this approach. C Basescu did not reserve all his criticism for Russia. Lugar agreed that the Russians had been concentrating troops in the area for some time and had been looking for an opportunity to paint Georgia as the aggressor; the U. Basescu ridiculed the reasons Russia has given for not withdrawing its forces from Transnistria.

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The Russians in this and all other frozen conflict zones must be replaced with international troops under a U. Basescu noted that he would be meeting with the Russian Ambassador that same afternoon and would tell him Romania will support any European Council decision to offer deployment of EU troops as replacements for Russian forces. He said he would also challenge the Ambassador over whether Russia continues to support the Security Council and intends to abide by UNSC resolutions in the future. C Turning to the implications for energy policy of the Georgia conflict, Basescu observed that Russia may not have to resort to military means to force solutions more to its liking.

Control of energy resources is a new tool of influence even more effective than the Red Army, he said. Georgia has changed nothing with regard to Nabucco, except perhaps in the minds of other European states, similar to the way some in Europe have used the difficulty of negotiating with Turkey as an excuse for inaction on Nabucco.

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Lugar responded that he believes the Turks are now firmly behind Nabucco, and that rapid conclusion of an IGA would be a welcome and unexpected diplomatic coup in the face of Russian intimidation. Responding to Sen. However, in the face of potential Russian. Romania is a growing economy and has more resources to devote to defense, but cannot shoulder the burden of Black Sea security alone; NATO and the EU must assign greater importance to the area, Basescu concluded.

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C Basescu came to the meeting well-prepared to deliver a direct message. Basescu also forcefully advocated for a reaffirmation by the international community of respect for international law and the primacy of the UNSC in order to blunt Russian expansionism and defuse other potential flashpoints. Basescu clearly worries that the Russians may trigger a similar provocation in Moldova which would practically require a Romanian military response, with broad implications for the EU and NATO.

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As a consequence, especially with national elections approaching, holding the Romanians to their extensive commitments in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere will be a political challenge if a more pressing threat in their minds looms close to home. End Comment. He was extraordinary and right on the mark! One was the priest leading the ritual, wearing a light-pink kurta.

Acharya Keshav had made sure I was prepared with a glass of water and a plate of sugar and rice to be used during the ceremony. Portraits of the elephant-headed god Ganesh who is worshipped before any new venture as well as the goddess Saraswati worshipped for success in education were set up, with a lit candle flickering in front of them.

The men were seated cross-legged on the floor, and laid out in front of them were small plates of sweets, bananas, and flowers that would be offered to the gods.

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Acharya Keshav patiently walked me through the different stages of the puja, as the priest began a series of Sanskrit prayers in a melodic singsong. Skype dropped the call twice, and we had to reconnect. I could still hear young kids playing in the background, and a Delhi train passing in the distance. After about an hour, Acharya Keshav told me I could sign off. As a nice Shubhpuja convenience, the acharyas would continue the next hour of the puja without me having to be present through Skype. I came to consult them after spending lacs of rupees approx.

I did the full astrology consultation package for Rs. First they scientifically checked my horoscope and I was very surprised at the precision of their analysis upto each date. I have never come across anyone who would even give dates and what events that may happen on those dates. It was so precise.

Mars is courage in your horoscope, without courage and will power you can not take any big decision in your life, for example without Mars involvement, love marriage is not possible. Mars rules muscles, Genitals, Nose , Anus etc body parts in our horoscope and body builders, sprinters, sports man etc have strong placement of Mars in their horoscope. Though Mars gets directional strength in 10th house Battlefield for the soldier but Mars is also good in 3rd and 6th house to take care of your enemies. Mars is a fiery planet like a burning coal, Mars as an soldier who like to fight and protect motherland , Mars can take orders only from Sun.

Debilitated Mars in cancer in 8th house, can give you piles.

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If connected with moon, can give menstrual disorder to women. A bad palced Mars gives Surgical operations, Injuries, Accidents , Hemoglobin, and burn related problems. This combo if aspected by benefics, it can make commanders, Admisrtative services etc. Maybe success is just around the corner. I highly recommend a visit to ShubhPuja. Recent reviews for horoscope matching Found an excellent solution to my problem I think Shubh Puja has done a fantastic job of organising this space. Famous Astrologers It is my belief that thought and action affects the vibratory resonance of the rest of the world.