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The Moon enters your sign this evening— new beginning is on the way! Make time for quiet meditation today so you can reconnect with your inner voice; it definitely has messages for you. Watch out for who you might run into from your past today, Aquarius. Do you get the recognition you deserve for your hard work, Pisces?

The Moon enters Sagittarius this evening, encouraging you to reflect on your professional goals and your reputation. The Moon enters fellow Fire sign Sagittarius this evening, encouraging you to take trip or learn something new. The Moon enters Sagittarius this evening, putting you in a philosophical mood. Your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde, and today it meets with Venus: Expect to run into people from your past! Your focus will turn to partnership as soon as the Moon enters Sagittarius, your opposite sign, this evening. Someone from the past will pop up in an interesting way this morning.

Watch out for people from your past—you may run into one of them today! Very sensitive. The rebel. Needs more structure.

Sagittarius monthly horoscope - October 12222

Needs intellectual relationships. Issues about in fidelity. Often tactless. Juggles different jobs. Enjoys traveling. Leads an active life. Very opposite. Loves food and drink. Needs parties and social gatherings.

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High morals. Cannot sustain a love relationship for long.

Lives in the mind. A hard worker. Argumentative relationships. Can be manipulative. Problematic love relationships. Needs lots of freedom. Restless and nervous. Needs lots of change and variety. Dry sense of humor. A negative thinker. Extramarital affairs. Must learn to let go. Needs lots of excitement. Can't stand moralizing.

Too idealistic.

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Dreamy and imaginative. Gets in a rut easily. Principled strongly. Stable family life. Sharp sense of humor.

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Unstable love life. Needs a thrill. An idea person, not a do-er. Disappointing love unions. Unstable emotional life. Loves to travel. A teacher. Gets into a rut easily. Caring and devoted. Needs challenges, variety and adventures. Cannot stand close relationships. Always on the move. Many secret love affairs. Should not marry. Confused mind and a restless mind. Shameless behavior.

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The flirt. Needs fun and excitement. A life full of deceptions. Abused or abusive. Struggles through life.

Needs an intellectual partner. Feels boxed in easily. Challenging relationships at large. Cannot settle. Cannot resist temptations. Sloppy at times.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 15th December 2018

Very vocal and a beautiful voice. Many deceptions in love. Needs experiences. Loves to party. Outerly nonchalant. Hardworking for the money. Successful fiancially. Takes on too much. Fears rejection. Disappointed love unions. Cannot settle down. Loves sex talk. Work partnerships.

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  6. Stable relationships later in life. A powerful mind. A natural leader. Needs an active partner. Needs pleasure. Falls in love with ideals. Quite calm. Many interests. Career-minded and ambitious.